Frequently asked questions

How do I submit a paper or essay? 

To submit a paper or essay, please fill in the form on our submit page. After submitting, you can expect to hear from us within two working days. We will provide you with more information on the selection process and when you can expect to hear the result.

Can I submit a paper when I am also a reviewer?

Yes! Our communications team keeps track of all applications and submissions. After the deadlines have passed, they divide the anonymized paper submissions over our review teams to assess. They will ensure that no reviewer is assigned their own paper to read and evaluate. Your paper will take the same trajectory as any other submission, and you will not know which review team it is assigned to. 

When does my paper qualify to be submitted? 

We accept pieces written for courses within the bachelor program or the master's programs of cultural anthropology at the University of Utrecht, or for anthropology courses offered by University College Utrecht written in the semester prior to publication. You can submit pieces either in English or in Dutch, but please note that the majority of the papers we publish will be in English, in an effort to make this journal accessible to international students as well.


For further information, we refer you to our author guidelines.


How does the selection process work?

Depending on how many pieces are submitted, our core team might make a pre-selection before sending them to our review teams. We take multiple factors into account during this selection. Our goal is to make this journal as diverse as possible; we want to be able to represent as many themes, courses, and years of study as we can. Thus, we might for instance select papers based on their theme or the course they were written for.

After this selection, the papers will be anonymized completely, before they are sent to our review teams. Each team of five students, lead by one of our core reviewers, will review around five pieces. We strive to represent students of most years in these teams; a second, third and fourth-year student from the UU's bachelor program, as well as master students and UCU students. Every member of a team will first assess the papers individually, after which all members will schedule a meeting to discuss their evaluations. In these meetings, the teams will decide which papers are fit to be published. The decision is based on, among other things, writing quality, value of content, and style.

Should there be uncertainties or widely varying evaluations of one or more of the submissions, our core reviewers will meet seperately to make the final decision on these cases. 

Can I use the articles in SCAJ as references for my own paper or essay?

In theory, yes. But be aware that most professors discourage you from doing so. Most papers and essays we write as cultural anthropology students are literature reviews and thus focus heavily on the works of other scholars. Students are typically not seen as experts (yet) and might therefore not be considered a credible source.

If you are not sure whether you can reference a certain article published in SCAJ, the best thing you can do is ask your professor.

Note: the papers published in SCAJ do not serve as example papers for the courses offered by the University of Utrecht, nor should they be taken as being fully representative of the university's curriculum. SCAJ is an independent platform that entirely relies on the work of students. We are not tied to the university institution. The papers may not be copied in any format whatsoever.



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