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We have a few core team vacancies to fill! Below, you can find a detailed description of each of the positions, as well as the application form (deadline: 9 June).

Scroll down to find our reviewer registration form (deadline: 12 September) for Volume 4, Issue 2, as well!

Core team vacancies 

The following vacancies are open to all anthropology students at Utrecht University and University College Utrecht. No previous (editorial) experience is required for any of these positions.

It is possible to apply for multiple positions. Most combination are possible, except the combination of core reviewer and internal communications. This to ensure the anonymous nature of our selection process.

 Core reviewer 

Core reviewers are at the head of our review process. We usually have four to five core reviewers in our team. The tasks of core reviewers span approximately three to four weeks in September-October of 2022 (for Volume 4, Issue 2). No previous reviewing experience is required. You will receive a comprehensive briefing from current and former core reviewers to prepare you for the review period.


Tasks include:

  • Reading and reviewing approximately five submissions;

  • Hosting a meeting with a group of reviewers;

  • Selecting the submissions that will be published in SCAJ with fellow core reviewers;

  • Attending core team meetings (once every three to four weeks).



  • We are looking for a core reviewer who is fluent in Dutch and comfortable reviewing submissions in this language.

 Event manager 

As we are able to schedule more in-person events these days, we are looking for a core team member (or two) to organize these occasions. This includes two publication events per year, as well as possible other events that we might want to host. You will likely collaborate closely with the external affairs team and other team members who are excited to lend a hand in organizing these events.


Tasks include:

  • Organizing a publication event twice a year;

  • Arranging for SCAJ to be present at the open days of UU and UCU;

  • Arranging  SCAJ’s monthly presence at the Djembé hok;

  • Attending core team meetings (once every three to four weeks).

 External affairs 

As a member of the external affairs team, you represent SCAJ to external parties. Most notably, you reach out to the department’s anthropology professors to arrange short promotional talks during a lecture. Here, you will tell students about our upcoming deadlines and let them know where they can find us. In addition, we are currently working on reaching out to funds and foundations to secure financial support, which is what the external affairs duo will be working on as well.


Tasks include:

  • Reaching out to professors to schedule promotional talks;

  • Giving short promotional talks during anthropology lectures at UU and/or UCU;

  • Sustaining or establishing contact with external parties;

  • Attending core team meetings (once every three to four weeks).

 Internal communications 

The internal communications duo manages our email inbox. They keep tabs on all communications that come in - including paper submissions and reviewer applications. In addition, the internal communications team makes some crucial preparations for our review periods, such as anonymizing all submitted works and forming the review groups.


Tasks include:

  • Managing SCAJ’s email inbox, which includes sustaining email contact with authors and reviewers;

  • Making preparations for the review process, which includes anonymizing and standardizing submissions, as well as forming review groups;

  • Attending core team meetings (once every three to four weeks).

 Fieldnotes team 

Our Fieldnotes team consists of three team members. Together, you read and review all Fieldnotes submissions we receive, and you sustain contact with each respective author. Since this is a relatively small and sporadic function, we recommend applying for this position in addition to another.


Tasks include:

  • Sustaining email contact with Fieldnotes authors;

  • Reviewing Fieldnotes submissions with fellow team members;

  • Attending core team meetings (once every three to four weeks).

You will always have the opportunity to pitch new ideas and work on small projects besides the tasks assigned to your position. 


Intrigued? Apply for a position now! Fill in the form and include a short statement of motivation (max 300 words). The application deadline is JUNE 9, 2022.


Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. You can e-mail us at

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Reviewer position

Are you a student of anthropology in Utrecht (UU/UCU) and do you enjoy reading academic papers? Would you be excited to read, evaluate, and discuss papers written by fellow students with a peer-group, to make the final selection for the upcoming edition of SCAJ? Then you can join our selection committee and become a reviewer!

​As a reviewer, you are part of a group of 4-5 anthropology students from various programs and years of study in Utrecht. Between 19 September and 11 October 2022, you will read 4-5 anonymized papers and evaluate them regarding style, originality, and argumentation. After, you meet up with your peer-group and decide which of the papers are eligible for publication. The selection process is guided by our core reviewers, members of the core team.

In previous reviewers' experience, the entire process takes about 6-10 hours, over the span of three to four weeks.

Are you our new reviewer? Fill in the form on the left (on mobile: below). The deadline for the reviewer registration is 12 September 2022.

Hope to hear from you soon!