1. Inclusiveness

This platform was founded on the idea that we as students should be proud of the papers and essays we write; that there should be a place to showcase these works for others to read them. This means that, as long as you have passed the assignment, it does not matter to us what grade you received. As long as you are proud of your work, it can be published in SCAJ.

2. Representation

We strive to represent the entire department of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Utrecht and students of anthropology at University College Utrecht. SCAJ is meant to be a reflection of one academic semester, where papers and essays of multiple courses, themes, and years of study will be showcased. Through the journal, you will get an idea about current pressing issues within anthropology and beyond, but you will also get to know the students of this major; what concerns them, and what interests them.

3. Education

An important goal of ours is to educate each other through our written work. Most students are not keen on sharing their papers with other people, or do not read papers from others. We want to change this, because we can learn so much from each other. We could be introduced to new situations, concepts, and notions that we might be able to employ in the future. Plus, reading papers with different styles of writing can also help to improve our own academic writing skills.


1. Transparency

It is important to us to be transparent when it comes to our methods and processes in creating and publishing SCAJ. Most people on our team are still inexperienced in this field. However, we take this platform and its readers very seriously. We strive to maintain an open dialogue with people from the department of Cultural Anthropology, the University of Utrecht, and the University College Utrecht, as well as their students, to make sure we do not forget important steps and measures in the process of creating SCAJ. 

2. Equality 

We are fully aware that we are an (under)graduate journal. We have no intention of pretending to know more than our fellow students in the academic field. We strive for equal cooperation within our core team, between reviewers, and between reviewers and authors. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen not to provide "feedback" on the papers that are submitted. For the time being, we consider every author to be a temporary expert in their field of interest. We do not make a distinction between 1st-year or master papers; each work will be anonymized and thus treated with equal attention.

3. Accessibility

We want SCAJ to become an accessible platform for writers AND readers. Writing a paper or essay at the university can be a complex issue for some students. High expectations, performance pressure, and stress cause students to keep their written work to themselves. There are also many students who take joy in writing and would like to share it, but do not yet know how to do so. We strive to remove the threshold and create a space where you can be proud of your written work, regardless of any professor's assessment. We are here for all students.

To increase accessibility for SCAJ readers, we are a free open-access journal. This means that we will post all editions of SCAJ online and make them accessible for anyone to read.